Specialty Pharmacy


New HM Specialty Pharmacy Available for HMSL, Monday, Nov. 16 

Gynecologic Oncology – MOB 3 and 450


  • This new service allows us to fill specialty medication prescriptions for our patients, instead of them needing to use a non-HM pharmacy.

  • It becomes available for HMWB on Monday, Oct. 5 and will roll out systemwide over the next few months.

  • Although all pharmacy staff have been able to see this new pharmacy in Epic since it launched at HMH on Sept. 22, only clinics and providers where it’s launch are authorized to use it.

  • Launch Schedule 

    • Nov. 16: HMSL Gyn Onc

    • Nov. 16: HMSL Hem Onc

    • Nov. 16: HMH BMT

    • Dec. 1: HMW Hem Onc

    • Jan. 1: HMB Hem Onc, Cancer Services, Infusion Center, Breast Center, Gyn Onc 


    • Contact your unit’s super users or the IT Help Desk by clicking here or calling 832.667.5600.


    • Patients can receive specialty medications while they’re in the clinic or through home delivery, making it more convenient for them.

    • For patients with medications delivered to their homes, staff provide clinical outreach after patients receive the prescriptions.

    • Patients can receive help with securing financial assistance, completing authorization forms and medication counseling

    • HM pharmacy staff will be able to receive, verify, fulfill and bill specialty prescriptions from any HM hospital or clinic covered by this new service.

    • HM pharmacy liaisons will let patients know about the option to have their medications filled at the HM pharmacy.

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