Resetting Your HM Network Password – Simple, Secure

For Everyone

If you forget your HM network password or it expired, it’s easy to reset it online without calling the IT Help Desk. You can reset your password on or off the HM network by following the steps below.

Note to physicians: You have the option of resetting your password online or calling the IT Physician Help Desk, 832.667.5555 for assistance. If you call, be prepared to provide your dictation ID and DEA number. Effective Wednesday, July 1, the Help Desk will provide a temporary password. Please reset your password when you log in.

How to reset your password online
First, be sure to register your smartphone (work or personal). This enables you to receive a passcode to log in. We’ll never spam you.

  • Change your expiring password on network

    Visit, click Password Reset – Self-Service, then click On-Network.

  • Forgot your password

    On network, use a non-HM device to access Apps Center. Visit, then click Forgot Password (bottom of screen).


Off network, visit, then click Forgot Password (bottom of screen).

Note to employees: Effective July 1, if you call the Help Desk, they’ll assist you by walking through the steps above. If you haven’t registered your smartphone, resetting your password will require your manager’s approval via email.

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