Epic Update Sunday, March 7

The Epic Update is now scheduled for Sunday, March 7. The Update will showcase useful new features, including:

  • Enhanced documentation and improved efficiency tools
  • Care Everywhere – improved usability
  • Haiku/Canto – new, improved functionalities
  • Secure Chat enhancements
  • New Storyboard features

To prepare, be sure to review your Update Companion. There are now two easy ways to access:

  • While logged into Epic, press F1 to go to the Epic Learning Home.
  • Go to the Epic Update website, scroll to Provider Companions and click the link applicable to your role.

This year, we’ve made some changes:

  • You don’t have to acknowledge your Companion – there is no required acknowledgment button.
  • At the top of each Companion there is now a section highlighting top changes for your role. Simply click the link to go directly to the summary for that change.

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