IT Service Transformation – Tips & Reminders

IT Service Transformation Program

ChangeGear 8.0

Tips & Reminders

  • Can’t add Application/Resource, a required field: Click the + sign, then type the resource or app you are looking for. When it appears, click it. Then click the + sign again.

  • Can’t access CG7 tickets from the link in a CG8 ticket: Turn off your browser’s pop-up blocker. The CG7 ticket is a pop-up, and it won’t display if pop-ups are blocked.

  • Error message in Internal Notes or of too many characters in the Comments section: Upload images whenever possible, using attachments – attach manually, don’t use drag and drop. Avoid copying and pasting and avoid using Insert Image.

  • Pop-up asks you to add your username and password when you are updating a ticket or adding attachments: This is because some people are part of teams that don’t exist anymore. Workaround: Use “tmh\username” and then your network password. Do not use your SYS account.


  • Contact the the IT Help Desk by clicking here or calling 832.667.5600.

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