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Epic Mobile

Can I access Epic on my mobile device?

Yes, providers can access Epic on their iOS (Apple) devices through the Haiku app (iPhone) and the Canto app (iPad). (Note: Support for Epic Mobile on Android devices is currently not available but being actively investigated) Make sure your mobile device is running an updated operating system (OS)

  • Apple: 10.3 or higher

To see which version, you have:

  • Apple: Settings > General > About

Are there any requirements I must meet before installing Haiku/Canto?

Yes, before you begin, make sure you’ve completed your required Epic training, have the latest iOS version installed and have your Apple ID/password available. Nurse practitioners/physician’s assistants must first contact the IT Help Desk for access at 832.667.5555.

How do I install Haiku/Canto?

Go to the Apple Store and install the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app. This app will then auto-install the appropriate Epic mobile app and you can set up your device

What is the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app? Why can’t I just download Haiku/Canto directly from the Apple Store?

The Microsoft Intune Company Portal app serves as a mobile device manager, allowing you to securely access data stored in Epic (and other Houston Methodist applications) on your device. You can’t download Haiku/Canto directly from the Apple Store, because this would present a significant data security risk. While some organizations allow this and post the configuration information (e.g., server name and path) needed in order to set up Haiku/Canto on the Internet for their users, this means any individual who illegally obtains a provider’s user ID and password can download the apps and have complete access to patient data. Leading security firms estimate that 96 percent of breaches occur because attackers illegally obtain a user ID/password and use this to obtain remote access to the organization’s data. To ensure the highest levels of data security and protection of patient information, Houston Methodist is requiring use of the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app, which provides added security through two-step authentication.

Will Houston Methodist have access to my data if I download the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app?

The Microsoft Intune Company Portal app doesn’t track your mobile device activity or provide anyone the ability to read your personal email and information stored in your apps.

Can Houston Methodist erase the data from my phone?

Yes, but only if you report your device is lost or stolen. Houston Methodist can send an “erase” command to the device, similar to what you can do using Apple’s Find My Phone app.

If I download the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app, will Epic and my other applications work the same?

Yes, Houston Methodist selected this mobile device manager because it allows you to use your device as you normally do while providing access to Houston Methodist apps. In addition to Epic, you can access Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Houston Methodist business purposes. You can also take advantage of the Microsoft OneDrive app, which provides you the ability to access your files across all devices.


How do I sign up for PerfectServe?

Current Providers

  • Call PerfectServe, 877.844.7727

New Providers


Read more here.

Can I access PerfectServe from my personal device?

Yes. Instructions to download the PerfectServe app, Synchrony, can be found here.

Can I add non-Methodist physicians to my directory?

No. Only physicians and providers credentialed as Houston Methodist staff can use PerfectServe.

Can I send orders using PerfectServe?

No. You can only use PerfectServe to send texts and photos and make phone calls.


Where can I find general resources and phone instructions for Dragon?

You can find Dragon resources here.

Smart Ribbon

Is there a support document for Smart Ribbon?

Yes, you can find answers to commonly asked Smart Ribbon questions here.

Remote and Mobile Access

What is the easiest way to access my email? (Office 365) on any device.

How can I access the Houston Methodist network remotely?

You can access the network remotely through Apps Center.

Do I need to register my phone number to use the Apps Center?

Yes. Click here for instructions.

What's the best way to access Epic remotely?

Through Apps Center,

How do I handle travel and expenses on mobile?

Go to

Reset Your Houston Methodist Password

How can I reset my Houston Methodist password?

To reset your password click here.

Better Cell Phone Reception

How can I enhance my cell phone reception while on campus?

Turn on Wi-Fi Calling on your cell phone for better cell service anywhere – no apps needed.

Whenever your phone senses a weak cell signal, it will automatically switch to Wi-Fi calling to give you the best cell coverage. Older phones may not be equipped with this option.

This will happen whether you’re in a part of a Houston Methodist building where cell signals are low or anywhere there’s Wi-Fi.

How do I turn on Wi-Fi calling?

For iPhone users, click here.

For Android users, click here.

You’ll need to enter your home address when you’re setting it up. For the first time in a new location, choose the Wi-Fi network you’d like to use – your phone will remember from then on.

MASS Alerts

What are MASS Alerts?

Get real-time alerts for the apps you use most. MASS — Methodist Alerts Subscription Service — is the fastest, most convenient way to keep you informed about downtimes.

How do I sign up for MASS Alerts?

From the intranet, type ‘mass/’ in the browser tab (top of web page). Be sure to review settings in MS Outlook rules to ensure alerts go to your Inbox. After creating an account with your Houston Methodist Network ID, select from among 130 applications listed under “My Subscriptions

Ways To Reach IT

Ways to Reach IT

Quickest: Physician Service Desk, 832.667.5555



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