Requesting Temporary Epic Access for COVID-19 Float Staff

For Managers

If you have staff floating to new clinical roles as a result of COVID-19, please complete the following
process for temporary Epic access. Note: This does not apply to nurses who are floating to other
nursing roles. Access has already been granted in these cases.

1) The manager should complete a temporary access request form and send it to the IT Help Desk
as soon as someone is identified as needing additional Epic access. To access the form, click

This form may be completed by the floater’s current manager or the manager of the floating
department and does not require a signature.

Send the form to the IT Help Desk at with COVID Epic Floater
Access Request in the subject line.

2) The floater must complete the required Epic training. Click here to review the Epic float training
matrix or visit

Note: Epic float training is required, but does not need to be completed before the access
request form is submitted.

Once the training is complete and the request form is submitted, please allow the Epic Security team
up to 24 hours to give the temporary access.

For questions, please contact

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