VTE/DVT Risk Tool Updates

The VTE/DVT Risk Tool in Order Sets is now enhanced, improving utilization and minimizing screen clutter.

New enhancements:

  • DVT Risk Definitions are now listed in a linked PDF document instead of always displayed above selections.
  • Definitions are now embedded within the Risk category, so you only see ones related to a specific category.
  • When a patient is receiving therapeutic or prophylactic anticoagulation, the order option is now outside of the Risk selection and is no longer embedded within the Risk category, allowing for easier ordering.
  • In the Moderate Risk section of the VTE/DVT Risk Tool:
    • A more simplified ordering process of SCDs or contraindications for mechanical prophylaxis, when a patient is contraindicated for pharmacological prophylaxis.
    • Provides easier ordering and order reminders.
  • For Enoxaparin ordering, redundant verbiage was removed allowing for a cleaner ordering process. 

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