Vocera Badges for All HMH ED


New Way to Contact Clinicians and Staff, Feb. 10 – 15


Vocera Badges

  • Replace the current Cisco phones and ED Walkie Talkies.

  • Voice-controlled, one-button operation. Lightweight, wearable, allow hands-free communication.

  • No need to remember phone numbers. Placing a call is as easy as saying, “Call Jane Smith” or “Call ED charge nurse.”

  • New requirement to remember onstage behaviors.

  • Read more.


How to Prepare

LMS self-paced


  • Complete HM Vocera End User Web-Based Training.

  • It’s already assigned to you.

Learning labs


  • Jan. 27 – Feb. 7.

  • Register in LMS for HMH ED Vocera End User Training and attend by Friday, Feb. 7.

  • Class size is limited to 10 people, so register now.

  • You’re approved for overtime as needed to attend this 90-minute class.

  • Class schedule

Onsite support

Rounding when Vocera launches.

  • Monday – Saturday, Feb. 10 – 15.

  • 24 hours a day.

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