Vocera Badges


Hands-Free Communication for Nurses, Other Identified Clinical Staff

  • Voice-controlled, one-button operation. Lightweight and wearable, Vocera badges allow hands-free communication.

  • No need to remember phone numbers. Placing a call is as easy as saying, “Call Jane Smith” or “Call ED charge nurse.”

  • Requirement to remember onstage behaviors because all Vocera communications are on speaker.

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Tips & Tricks

Record Voice Reminders for Yourself and Others

Did you know you can use your Vocera badge to create reminders for yourself and other Vocera users?

For a self-reminder say:

  • Record a Voice Reminder.

For a reminder for others say:

  • Record a voice reminder for _______ (include first and last name, limited to three individuals).

You can also record future reminders to send at a certain time or repeat on a schedule you set, as well as urgent reminders.

  • Set for a specific time: At 4 p.m. today.

  • Set for a future time: 15 minutes from now.

  • Set to repeat: Every 30 minutes for the next two hours.

    • Minimum of five minutes, maximum of 24 hours.

  • Set an urgent reminder for yourself or others:

    • Record an urgent voice reminder.

    • Record an urgent voice reminder for ________.

Remember to stay HIPAA-safe, because all Vocera communications are on speaker.

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