Vocera Badge Tips

For Nursing and All HMH ED

Make Your Vocera Badge Work for You

If you wear a Vocera badge, be sure your hands-free communications tool works for you. Remember to stay HIPAA-safe, because all Vocera communications are on speaker. As needed, answer calls with, “Hi, you’re on speaker and I’m in a patient room.”

For easy reference, a new Vocera Quick-Start Guide is now available on it.houstonmethodist.org/vocera. To learn more about Vocera, click here.


Use Your Vocera for Mindfulness Pause

If you’re feeling extra stress and anxiety due to COVID-19, know that you are not alone. A few seconds or minutes of mindfulness can help you refocus. Step away to a quiet corner and use these Vocera commands:

  • “Play mindfulness” (30 seconds)

  • “Play one-minute mindfulness”

  • “Play five-minute mindfulness”

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