Updates to COVID-19 Potential Risk – Travel Screening Window

For Registration, Scheduling, Front Desk Staff, Hospital-Based Outpatient Departments and HMPO Clinics
Starting Sunday, Sept. 20

To reflect current guidance from the CDC, a new question and two symptoms will be added to the Travel Screening assessment effective Sunday, Sept. 20. To identify patients with potential risk of having COVID-19, fatigue and runny nose were added to the list of identified symptoms.

A new question asks, “Have you had a COVID-19 viral test in the last 14 days?” The COVID-19 Potential Risk BPA will appear if either of the following selections are made:

  • Yes – Positive result

  • Yes – Pending result

The BPA will also appear if one or more of the following symptoms are documented: Chills; Cough; Diarrhea; Fatigue; Fever; Loss of Smell; Loss of Taste; Muscle Pain; Severe Headache; Shortness of Breath; Sore Throat; Vomiting.

For details see these tip sheets:

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