Troponin T [LAB6032] Replaces Troponin [LAB747]

For All Ordering Medical Staff

At 10 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 17, HM laboratories will change from our current Troponin I test to a high-sensitivity Troponin T test. This change is required due to the withdrawal from the market of Troponin I tests by Siemens, its manufacturer.

The new Roche Troponin T test was the first FDA-approved high-sensitivity-troponin method, for use in the U.S. and there is abundant literature on the clinical performance of high sensitivity troponin assays. High sensitivity troponin assays are considered the standard of care by chest pain center accrediting agencies.

Note: Troponin T results will be reported in units of ng/L, instead of the current units for Troponin I, which are ng/mL. (ng/L = 1000 X ng/mL).

HM Emergency Care Centers will continue using the Troponin, I-STAT [POC164] test on iSTAT instruments.

For questions contact Dr. Roger Bertholf, medical director of clinical chemistry (713.441.3294 or or Dr. David Bernard, medical director of clinical pathology (713.441.2985 or

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