The IllumiCare Smart Ribbon – One Example of Why You Need It

Have you ever discharged a patient and later discovered they could not afford the medication you prescribed upon discharge? What if you knew ahead of time what was authorized or available on the formulary? How would key information like this affect your patient’s medication compliance and overall outcome?

Physicians systemwide are taking advantage of the IllumiCare Smart Ribbon — empowering them to make better autonomous, informed decisions. The small, unobtrusive toolbar that rests on your desktop is a valuable resource to help you care for our patients.

One of Smart Ribbon’s innovative apps, the My360 app, features a cost lookup tool that (among many other key features) enables you to proactively look for medication alternatives for patients who cannot afford the medication you want to prescribe. Providing lower-cost alternatives for patients improves medication adherence and helps prevent readmissions and dropouts — making you a better steward in providing patient care.

“The IllumiCare Smart Ribbon is not just a financial cost transparency tool but has proven to be more of a clinical efficiency tool with a cost transparency tool associated with it,” said Dr. Nicholas Desai, chief medical information officer.

For more information on the Smart Ribbon My360 app cost lookup tool and other key Smart Ribbon features, click here.

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