Tech Tip – Internet Speed

For Everyone

With more people working remotely and many students returning to school online, internet speed is critical. Take advantage of these tips to maximize your internet’s speed:

  • To check your internet speed, Google “check internet speed” and click the blue Run Speed Test Within 30 seconds you’ll get a summary of your speed. 

  • Contact your internet provider to increase your speed or review your data plan. Note: sometimes your contract for “unlimited” data may have fine print that could move you to a more expensive or slower plan if you exceed a certain amount of data. This is known as data cap. Be sure to ask your internet provider if this applies to your account.

  • Computers, mobile devices, iPads and gaming systems, all rely on the internet but so do other home technologies such as Nest thermostats, Ring doorbells and voice-activated products like Alexa or Google Home Dot. The more they’re used at the same time, the greater the pull on your internet speed. Consider disconnecting some of these, if necessary.

  • If you’re working from home and you have children watching movies or TV shows on YouTube or Netflix, you may want to download these programs directly onto a device, so they can watch them without having to log on to the internet. 

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