Specimen Scanning Successfully Launches at HMB

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Specimen Scanning Successfully Launches at HMB

Specimen Scanning successfully launched at HMB on Tuesday, July 20, with 217 wireless lab label printers installed and 627 specimens scanned in just the first two days. 

“We are very happy to start our implementation of specimen bar code scanning,” said Becky Chalupa, HMB chief nursing officer. “We feel this will have a positive impact on patient safety.”

This new tool reduces the risk of specimen labeling errors, improving patient safety. Increased accuracy helps reduce lab processing turnaround times, so providers can make patient care decisions sooner than previously possible. The final launch is HMWB on Tuesday, Aug. 17, completing a year-long systemwide rollout. 

For more information, visit  it.houstonmethodist.org/specimenscanning.

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