Skin Integrity Flowsheets

For All Nurses
Effective Monday, Nov. 16


Flowsheet rows in the Skin section in Epic will be updated to provide proper patient intervention and documentation. For support surface documentation, nurses will only have to document when a specialty surface is initiated or discontinued on the flowsheet row.

Changes include:

  • The new Specialty Support Surface Interventions group will contain four specialty support surfaces with the options to document Initiated or Discontinued.

  • Weight/BMI Interventions group and Turning and Positioning group will be removed.

  • Bariatric Low Air Loss Bed indications will be in the selection form and row information.

  • The new Repositioning Schedule group includes Repositioning Device in use – taking the place of the Turning and Positioning

  • Specialty mattress and Specialty bed will be removed from the Comfort row located in the Cares/Safety

Repositioning Intervention will display in the flowsheet, if the patient’s Braden score is less than 18, or their Moisture or Mobility sub score is less than three.

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