Secure Chat – Delivering On-the-Go Solutions

Providers systemwide are taking advantage of Secure Chat as their on-the-go solution to communicate and collaborate more efficiently using Epic Mobile apps Haiku and Canto.

What is Secure Chat?

  • Secure Chat is a HIPPA-compliant messaging tool within Epic that allows you to quickly and securely text non-emergent communications to other providers, clinicians and most staff.
  • You can chat with one person or in groups, exchanging general messages or discussing detailed patient information, including photos.

When do I use Secure Chat?

  • Only use Secure Chat for non-urgent communication and collaboration.
  • For urgent or immediate patient care needs, continue to use your current communication channels.

Why should I use Secure Chat?

  • With Secure Chat, you can:
  • Easily and securely exchange patient information and share images.
  • Access your patient’s chart directly from the chat.
  • Place orders when you launch your patient’s chart using Secure Chat through Haiku/Canto.
    • Note: Orders cannot be placed via the chat feature.
    • You must still document patient care and treatment in Epic notes.
  • Cosign orders and notes within the chart.
  • Complete In Basket
  • Receive new message notifications.
  • Set your availability status. 

How do I access Secure Chat?

  • You can access Secure Chat within Epic via Epic Mobile or your desktop.
  • For maximum efficiency, use Epic Mobile apps (Haiku/Canto).
    • Make sure you set/use push notifications.
    • For more information, review the Secure Chat for Haiku/Canto tip sheet, which also includes push notifications instructions.
  • Your desktop.

Besides using Secure Chat, what are other benefits of using Epic Mobile apps?

  • With iOS devices, you can:
  • Order inpatient and outpatient medications/procedures.
  • Manage your In Basket.
  • Review notes, meds and allergies.
  • Complete interval updates for upcoming procedures.
  • Get push notifications for labs and radiology.
  • Take photographs.
  • View radiology images/studies.
  • Enter charges. 

How can I get Epic Mobile apps (Haiku/Canto) and start working more efficiently?

  • Contact the Physician IT Help Desk at 832.667.5555, select option 2.
  • Reach out to your local IT Field Ops team.
  • Contact your campus Physician Support Coordinator

How can I find out more about Secure Chat?

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