Save Time with Step-by-Step Dragon Commands

Epic Rx with Dr. Patrick Reardon, FACS and Epic Physician Builder

Cure Your Excessive Key Entry and Speed Up Your Workflow: Create Step-by-Step Dragon Commands for Frequent Entries


Would you like to save around seven clicks and almost 20 seconds per entry within Epic? Before you say ‘YES,’ multiply this by the number of entries you make in a day, and you could potentially save thousands of clicks and countless hours. Dr. Patrick Reardon, FACS and Epic Physician Builder, has a remedy to cure your key entry blues and get you back to what you love — practicing medicine.

Dr. Patrick Reardon has discovered a way to reduce time and clicks — dramatically improving his workflow. By creating step-by-step commands in Dragon for problems you often add to the Problem List and for commonly used Medical History diagnoses, Dr. Reardon is saving countless hours of time.

A step-by-step command is a series of keyboard strokes that you can make into a voice command — saving you time and clicks. Once you’ve set up your commands, you can tell Dragon to complete your keyboard strokes using just a single voice command.

“I have created hundreds of auto text and step-by-step commands, primarily for use in documentation and coding,” says Dr. Reardon. “It makes creating a detailed and coded ‘assessment’ and management of the problem list much easier. I have used them in many clinics, and they’ve really sped up my workflow. This process continues to work well, saving time and increasing the details and accuracy of my patient assessments and coding.”

But Dr. Reardon didn’t stop there — he’s partnered with the IT Dragon team to develop resources to help you easily create your own step-by-step commands — saving you time, clicks and helping reduce burnout.

“This effort represents many hours of work on my part, and I’d really like to share the benefit with others,” says Dr. Reardon.

To access these new Dragon commands resources:

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