Remote Access – Apps Center

Apps Center is a website where you can easily access your Houston Methodist applications and I-drive. It displays icons for many of the HM apps you use.

  • You can choose the ones you use most and save them on your Apps Center Favorites page. 

  • Apps Center is available on and off the HM network.

  • It only works on laptops and desktops (not tablets or smartphones).

  • You can’t access your C-Drive from Apps Center.

Set up Apps Center

  • Apps Center works best with Internet Explorer or Chrome.

  • Go to You may see a screen saying Detect Receiver. If so, click Detect Receiver.

  • You’ll see the icons for available apps. Find the aps you use most. For each app, click Details, then click Add to Favorites.


  • From now on, when you log in Apps Center, it opens to your Favorites.

  • If you need an app that you don’t see available, ask your manager. 

  • Note: When you click some apps, you may see a pop-up with Open Citrix Receiver Launcher. Click it to open the app.

Find your I-drive

  • From Apps Center, click My Computer, then click This PC.

  • Your I-drive is on the left.

Find your shared drives

  • From Apps Center, click My Computer, then click This PC.

  • Your shared drives are on the left.

  • If you don’t see all your shared drives, click My Computer, click Network, then click Client.

  • If you use several shared drives, you may not be able to see all your shared drives. To see them, take a screenshot and email it to yourselves and request it from the Help Desk.

Add your shared email boxes

  • Click here for instructions.

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