Reminders from the March 7 Epic Update

For All Epic Users
Reminders from the March 7 Epic Update

The Epic Update on Sunday, March 7 was a success. The planned downtime took well under the estimated two hours to complete and subsequent ticket volume has been low. Thank you for preparing for this Update and ensuring our success. If you need support, you can continue to review your Companion by pressing F1 on your keyboard while logged in to Epic or visiting

Resize Font Appearance in the MAR
If text in the MAR appears too small, you can personalize the font size by clicking the wrench tool and then selecting your Font size preference (Normal, Larger, Largest).

Revenue and Usage Report Has a New Name
The Revenue and Usage Report has been renamed the HB Posted Charges Summary Report. Use this report to compare charges posted to Resolute Hospital Billing to monitor cost center revenue and make sure posted charges are correct. For more information, review the tip sheet. (You must be connected to the HM network to view.)

New Updates to the Unit Manager
The Unit Manager includes new tools to customize columns quickly and easily. To resize columns, hover over the end of a column and an icon with two arrows will appear. Drag the arrow icon to make the column larger or smaller. Lines that represent columns are blank or null. To view a tip sheet and screenshots, click here.

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