Reminders for Proper Secure Chat Use

For All Epic Users

Close to 230,000 messages have been exchanged through Secure Chat, a communications tool within Epic for non-urgent, HIPAA-compliant messaging. This tool has only been in place for about two months.

Here’s a breakdown of the numbers:

  • Nearly 70,000 messages sent by RNs and more than 50,000 by providers.

  • 20 percent of provider messages were sent through Epic mobile on Haiku or Canto.

  • 12,840 messages were sent through Rover.

  • HMH had the most messages sent (59,433), followed by HMSL (32,401) and HMB (13,243).

Remember: Secure Chat should only be used for non-urgent communication related to daily work activities. Using Secure Chat incorrectly can delay essential patient care and may lead to patient safety incidents. Click here for additional reminders.

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