Real Time Prescription Benefit Program Offers Affordable Medication Options

The new Real Time Prescription Benefit program allows you to quickly view your patient’s prescription benefit information and discuss medication costs and alternatives before hospital discharge or leaving an office visit. This helps ensure our patients can afford the medications they need – especially important during these critical times.

This new, patient-centric program:

  • Displays the cost of the e-prescribed medication, along with a list of alternatives and costs.
    • If the medication isn’t affordable, you can quickly view and discuss more options at the point of care.
  • Provides POC medication transparency, resulting in:
    • Fewer phone calls requesting medication substitutions.
    • Medication adherence for better patient outcomes.
    • Fewer hospital readmits due to medication non-adherence.
  • Is simple and intuitive.
    • A tip sheet with detailed instructions will be provided soon.

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