Quick Solution: Dragon Microphone Source Change

If you’ve experienced a workflow disruption when attempting to use a wired Dragon PowerMic that inadvertently gets changed to PowerMic Mobile, there is a quick solution to changing your Dragon Microphone source:

Click the Dragon Login button within Epic to log into Dragon Medical One (DMO).

  • The DragonBar will launch.
  • To change your microphone source between the handheld PowerMic and the PowerMic Mobile device app, click on the DragonBar menu and select Log Off.
  • The splash screen will open. This is where you choose your Microphone source as PowerMicIII-NS or Nuance PowerMic Mobile.
    • Nuance PowerMic Mobile refers to the mobile app that turns your smart device into a handheld mic.
    • PowerMicIII-NS is the wired mic that is attached to the desktop computer.
    • Note: PowerMic Mobile must be used when connecting to Epic via the Methodist Apps

For detailed instructions on how to change your Dragon Microphone source, click here.

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