PT/OT Consult Orders Updated with More Options

PT and OT evaluation and treatment consult requests now require a reason for consult — geared to improve therapy consult response times and ensure the correct information and service are provided.

The new Reason for referral list includes high-value therapy services that improve patient outcomes while they’re in the hospital. These new options also allow you to relay key information about your patient’s functional (mobile or self-care) needs — helping facilitate focused therapy evaluations that contribute to your patient’s plan of care and discharge disposition.

New changes to PT/OT consult orders:

  • You now must select a PT/OT consult reason under the new Reason for referral.
  • Ability to quickly add:
    • Any positioning or mobility restrictions.
    • Patient’s weight-bearing status.
  • Field to specify safe ranges (if values are abnormal) for:
    • HR
    • BP
    • O2 saturation

Make sure you change the activity order from bed rest to an activity allowing therapy.

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