Physicians Directing Epic Changes

The Physicians Directing Epic Changes (P-DEC) initiative is designed to focus on changes that matter most to you. Our physicians identified key technology areas needing improvement.

The team partnered and identified six recurring themes: Epic Build/Configuration, Dragon, Interfaces, Infrastructure and the Help Desk. IT has been working in close partnership with appointed Physician Champions to address these concerns.

Here is a high-level update on the P-DEC initiative to date:

Neurology Documentation Tools

Capturing and Trending Data for Myasthenia Gravis Patients

Physicians identified the need for documentation tools that capture and trend data on Myasthenia Gravis patients. Now neurology providers can utilize:

  • Patient Questionnaires, enabling patients to enter their own data via MyChart prior to their next scheduled appointment.
  • Flowsheets for capturing Myasthenia Gravis Composite data, facilitating quick documentation.
  • Synopsis reporting that tracks questionnaire, flowsheet and medication data trends.
  • SmartTools – SmartPhrase for conveniently documenting scores in progress note. 

Obstetrics and Gynecology Express Lanes

Targeted Smart Sets for Streamlined Visits

Physicians also wanted new ideas for targeted smart sets to streamline visits, and the results are in:

  • Now there’s one location within the visit for all ordering and documentation needs, including all notes, education, orders, LOS and follow-up.
  • All parts of the patient’s chart are still accessible.
  • You can now utilize a targeted patient population with a chief complaint of UTI, vaginitis, confirmation of pregnancy, post-partum, post-op visits and birth control counseling (family planning).
  • There is minimal change to your workflow and no workflow change for support staff.

Benefits include:

  • Efficiently complete visits without multiple tab navigation.
  • Review Allergies, Problem List and Medications with one click.
  • Ensure consistency among specific patient populations, since all providers will receive same order options and documentation.
  • Usage and utilization reporting.

Other PCG Updates

Physicians identified the need for:

  • A discrete documentation option for Tracheal Dilatation in Surgical History.
  • An option for Duplicate Entry on the Allergy Reason for Deletion

Now you can document:

  • Tracheal dilatation in a patient’s past surgical history allowing for easier tracking/reporting for patients with this past performed procedure.
  • Reasons for deleting a duplicate allergy in a patient chart. With the addition of a Duplicate Entry reason, providers can now discretely document allergy deletions, keeping patient charts free of duplicate documentation.

For more details on P-DEC initiative topics, click here.

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