PerfectServe Improvements

Beginning Tuesday, Aug. 13, a PerfectServe app update will include these key improvements to the Contacts and Search functions.


  • Contacts is back in the navigation menu, like it was previously.
  • Scroll through contacts without needing to search.


  • Search as you type and search with just one letter.
  • Renaming Advanced Search to All PerfectServe, like it was previously.
  • A to Z search index.

Turn on Automatic Updates

Be sure you’re using the latest PerfectServe version. You can turn on automatic updates, so you’ll always have the most recent version without having to perform a manual update.

  • iOS devices: From Settings, tap iTunes & App Store. Under Automatic Downloads, see Updates and tap for the On position.
  • Android: From Play Store, tap Menu (hamburger icon, upper left), tap Settings, tap Auto-update apps, tap Done.

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