Patient Meal Ordering Coming to the MyChart App


HMTW Pilot Starts Tuesday, July 14

On Tuesday, July 14, a pilot program at HMTW enables patients to order meals directly through the MyChart app on their mobile devices. Bridging these technologies simplifies the ordering process while ensuring patients receive nutritionally appropriate meals. This helps to increase patient satisfaction and decrease length of stay through better meal selections. After the launch at HMTW, MyChart meal ordering will roll out systemwide through 2020.

 How it Works

  • After logging into the MyChart app, patients will be able to view a personalized daily menu, based on the provider’s prescribed diet and any noted allergies.

  • Meal options are controlled by dietary nutrient limits and portion control.

  • Patients can review descriptions of each item with images to assist with selection.

  • Patients can request meal service as soon as possible or set a preferred time.

The program initially launches for HMTW patients on 4 North, 4 South (Mother/Baby) and 6 South. On Tuesday, July 21, the program expands to 2 North, 5 North and 6 North.

Patient Support

  • Staff from the Department of Nutrition and Food Services will provide menus and educational materials to patients to help them understand the new meal ordering process.

  • Patients may continue to order meals by phone or through direct contact with food services if they don’t have a MyChart account, are unable to use it or don’t want to use the app.

  • Food services staff will also be available to provide direct assistance, as needed.

For technical support, patients should contact the HM Customer Service team at 832.667.5694. For questions about menu and meal options, contact HMTW Food Services at 936.270.3663.

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