Next Epic Update – Feb. 16

Update Companions Now Available


The Feb. 16 Epic Update brings a major change to the look, feel and navigation of Epic. It’s called Storyboard, and it puts your patient’s story at the center of your workspace.

With Storyboard, you’ll have quicker access to patient details and common activities — no matter where you are in the chart. Beginning Feb. 16, the new Storyboard look will be available for everyone to turn on within Epic. Since this is a major change to the look and navigation of Epic, we’re giving you extra time to adjust and customize the tabs to suit your needs.

Eventually, Storyboard will be turned on for all Epic users. Once you switch Storyboard on, you will notice a different look when you log in. For example, information in the patient header moves to the left sidebar and your activities on the left become tabs across the top. To help you make the Storyboard switch, support teams will round at each campus — also assisting you with personalization, so you can use Epic more efficiently.

Look for more information on this exciting feature, and other Epic changes, in your Update Companion, now available for review.

To learn more about Storyboard, watch the It’s Possible video.

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