New Vocera Badges Improve Clinical Communications

New voice-controlled, wearable Vocera badges are simplifying communication among caregivers, helping improve patient care. June 11 marks the completion of deployment at all community hospitals, with HMH’s staggered rollout continuing through July 8.

“We’re nearing completion of a systemwide roll out of the Vocera badges,” said HMW Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer Vicki Brownewell. “These lightweight devices allow hands-free communication, which is especially useful for nurses who are constantly in and out of patient rooms during their shifts.”

Vocera badges make calling someone as easy as saying, “I need help,” or “Call charge nurse.” In just six weeks, nurses clocked 1.7 million Vocera commands, sending a strong signal of technology adoption among nurses and HMH clinical care teams.

Stay HIPAA-Safe

The badges replace the current Cisco phones and bring a new requirement to remember onstage behaviors when calling any nurse or HMH clinical team member.

Expect That You’re Always on Speaker

  • When calling a colleague with a Vocera badge, first ask: “Am I on speaker?”
  • If your colleague responds “Yes,” wait for confirmation that it’s safe to speak before discussing HIPAA-protected information.
  • Nurses can take it off speaker as needed, or transfer the call to a phone.

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