New Texas PMP Requirement Starting March 1.

Pharmacists and prescribers are now required to check patients’ prescription monitoring program (PMP) history before dispensing or prescribing opioids, benzodiazepines, barbiturates or carisoprodol, per two new Texas laws (HB 3284 86 (R) and HB 2561 85 (R)).

We are prepared for this new requirement and have made it easy for you to access your patients’ PMP history. Once you open a patient’s chart in Epic, you can easily access PMP history and verify your activity using one of these options:

  • From Storyboard:
    • Click on the NaRx Score to view the report.
    • Select Mark as Reviewed and Close.
  • From the IllumiCare Smart Ribbon:
    • Click the Controlled Substances app to review the report.

For detailed information, review the tip sheet, and make sure you post/share it across your clinical areas.

The Texas Medical Board advises that mandatory PMP checking is required before dispensing these substances for take-home use for patients:

  • Leaving an outpatient setting, such as:
    • A doctor’s office.
    • An ambulatory surgical center.
  • Discharging from an inpatient setting, such as:
    • A hospital admission.
    • An emergency department visit.

Click here for more information on the Texas Medical Board’s latest PMP findings.

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