New Specimen and Post-Op Diagnosis SmartList Options

For All Surgeons

Effective Monday, July 15, new Specimen and Post-Op Diagnosis SmartList options will be added to the Brief Op Note. This change is being made to streamline your workflow.

What’s changing:

  • You no longer need to create an entire new Brief Op Note or Addendum if either Diagnosis or Specimen is not documented in your initial Brief Op Note.
  • With the new SmartList options, you can document Specimen or Diagnosis if not populated in the note prior to signing it.


Scenario 1:

Specimen and Post-op Diagnosis were not documented in patient’s chart. SmartList options for Specimens and Post-op Diagnosis display in the Brief Op Note.


Scenario 2:

When documented in the patient’s chart, Specimens and Post-op Diagnosis automatically populate in the Brief Op Note.

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