New Reconciling Outside Immunizations Workflow

For All Providers, Nurses, MAs
New Reconciling Outside Immunizations Workflow

The Reconciling Outside Immunizations workflow has been updated to help ensure the most correct data is reconciled into the patient’s chart.

  • When an outside immunization is identified as Similar to an Existing Immunization documented in the chart, you can’t merge the details.

  • If you identify the details of the external immunization are more clinically accurate, replace the existing historical immunization with the external information.

  • To help you accurately review and reconcile immunizations, use the Expand All button to expand the rows and review details of external administrations.


  • If the patient reports they’ve received a tetanus immunization through another organization:

    • You’ll add a historical immunization administration on the patient’s chart as a placeholder.

      • Include as much detail as possible, but you can’t record an exact immunization date or lot number.

      • After querying Care Everywhere, you’ll receive a similar immunization administration from the organization that administered the tetanus immunization, including the administration date, dose, lot number, injection site and manufacturer.

      • Replace the historical administration with the external administration.

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