New Lung Cancer Screening Scheduling Process

For All Schedulers and PAS Teams
New Lung Cancer Screening Scheduling Process
Effective Tuesday, Aug. 31

On Tuesday, Aug. 31, a new lung cancer screening scheduling process will streamline your current workflow and reduce manual processes.

Starting Aug. 31, after the ordering provider places the Lung Cancer Screening (LCS) order, and the patient calls an HM facility to schedule LCS:

  • Scheduler verifies the order. Note: This order can now be accepted in the ordering provider’s preferred format. It no longer has to be submitted on the HM LCS form. 

  • If the order isn’t in Epic:
    • Scheduler transcribes the order and documents answers to LCS questions.
    • To proceed, all questions must be answered to determine patient eligibility.

  • If the order is in Epic:
    • Scheduler confirms the order and verifies patient’s answers to LCS questions.

  • If the patient meets criteria: Schedule the LCS appointment.

  • If the patient doesn’t meet criteria: Don’t schedule the LCS appointment.

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