New DME Ordering Process: Parachute Health

DME ordering is now streamlined directly within Epic through the new Parachute Health system. This will expedite your patient’s DME and simplify your DME ordering and signing processes.

  • You will now see a new In Basket folder — DME Orders Needing Signature. This new folder:
  • Holds all open inpatient DME orders requiring attention.
  • Allows you to launch the Parachute Health tab directly within Epic.
  • Enables swift signing of all DME orders.
  • Note: A reminder message will be sent every 24 hours to your In Basket DME Orders Needing Signature folder for any open inpatient DME orders. This helps ensure our patients receive their DME as quickly as possible.
  • For more information, review the tip sheet.

Thanks to the Case Management and IT teams for partnering together on this important initiative

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