MyChart – Your Hospital Stay – Available for All Admitted Patients

For All Hospital Staff

Starting Monday, April 27, admitted patients at all HM hospitals can access the Your Hospital Stay feature through the MyChart app. With this new feature, patients can grant access to designated family members and caregivers who can track their care, even when they’re unable to visit due to COVID-19.

With Your Hospital Stay, patients and family members/caregivers can view:

• A list of diagnoses being treated for, as well as previously identified issues.

• Names and pictures of the attending doctor, nurses, therapists and other members of the treatment team.

• Prescribed inpatient medications, as well as any medications taken at home.

• Most of the recent lab results.

• Articles and videos specific to the condition and treatment.

Your Hospital Stay is only available through the MyChart app on a personal smartphone or tablet. Patients can designate shared access to their MyChart accounts with specific family members or caregivers who have a MyChart account, by selecting Friends and Family access through the Account Settings menu.

Please print the MyChart Patient Information and Shared Access handout to share with your patients and families.

Front desk schedulers and patient registration staff should continue to encourage all patients to activate an HM MyChart account. For more information, review the MyChart Instant Activation tip sheet.

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