Medication Reference Links – A Valuable Resource

Did you know that there are valuable medication reference links available for medication orders? These links provide you with important drug information to help guide medication assessment, dosing and administration parameters. They are available in the Order Composer, at pharmacy verification and upon medication administration in the MAR.

 Medication orders include reference links for:

  • Lexi-Comp
    • Provides general medication information that aligns with data from FDA approved package inserts and applicable clinical guidelines.
  • HM Med Info
    • Provides a link to the HM FormWeb page that is maintained by system pharmacy.
    • Includes information such as formulary stats, available or related pharmacy consults and applicable medication policies.
  • Anticoagulation Transition Guide
    • Available on all anticoagulant medications.
    • Provides guidance on transition between anticoagulant agents.

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