Medication Bar Code Scanning for MRI, Interventional Radiology

On Tuesday, July 9, medication bar code scanning will become available for MRI and Interventional Radiology departments. In the Technologist workflow, while giving medication, a new requirement includes scanning the patient wristband and contrast medication. Currently, CT, Diagnostic Radiology and PET/CT follow the same requirement. 

IMPORTANT: Bar code scanners aren’t MRI-compatible. Do not take them into the scan room. Work with your operational leadership for procedures specific to your area.

When bar code scanning isn’t possible

  • When bar coding isn’t possible, you’ll see a notification window asking for an override reason. 
  • Two new reasons are included to accommodate MRI and IR areas, or in other areas with a patient in a sterile environment, 1) patient in MRI suite and 2) patient in sterile field.

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