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IT Service Transformation Program

ChangeGear 8.0

Ticket Etiquette

Transfer/Requeue Tickets Between Teams

Important: CG8 doesn’t automatically requeue a ticket when the team changes. The new team won’t be notified about the transfer unless you follow the steps below.

  • Action: To move a ticket to another team, Accept the ticket, write in Notes why you’re reassigning it, reassign it, then Requeue the ticket. This notifies the new team, and they’ll see the ticket as New for them.

  •  Definition: Requeue means setting the status back to New, the final step when transferring a ticket to another team. This makes the ticket revert to New status for the other team. It also notifies the new team about the ticket.

  • If these instructions aren’t followed, tickets may get lost in the shuffle. To search for these tickets, 1) add the columns Owner and Assignee to your views in SR and IR and 2) s​earch by Requestor (if known), then fix the Owner and Assignee. You also can search by Owner (these tickets may have incorrect Assignees now, but not in the future when the system will only allow Assignees who are part of the Owner team).

Client Notifications

Customer service includes notifications we send to clients, as well as system-generated emails.

  • Clients Receive Notifications Three TimesClients receive CG Admin emails when a ticket is opened, closed and ready for them to verify/reject resolution. You also can email clients from the ticket’s Email icon.

  • Information in Client Notifications:Clients automatically receive all comments in the ticket Summary, Description and Resolution.  Note: Avoid including sensitive information in any comments. Instead, email or call the analystInternal Notes don’t go to the client.

  • What Happens When You Promote a Ticket? CG8 automatically emails the client and the team receiving the new ticket. The email includes the new ticket number and description.


  • Contact the the IT Help Desk by clicking here or calling 832.667.5600.

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