IT Security When Working Remotely

Keep HM Information Safe on Your Personal Devices 


When remote, remember not to put any work or private health information on your personal devices. Hackers may use your device as a pathway to HM patient and business information.


Follow these important reminders to keep us secure:

  • If you’re using your personal laptop while working remotely, avoid saving any HM information on your C-drive, desktop or other areas of your personal device.

  • Be sure to work in Apps Center ( and save all work to My Computer. This securely stores the information within our organization.

  • The IT Help Desk is receiving requests to connect personal printers to HM laptops. We are unable to do this, as it leaves HM vulnerable to cyberattacks.


Make your personal computer safer:


  • Auto-updates so you stay current.

  • Windows Defender – anti-virus, included with Microsoft Windows.

  • Windows BitLocker – this encrypts your computer’s data, so no one can see anything if your device is lost or stolen.

  • OpenDNS Home – it’s free and protects your home internet from phishing attacks and more.

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