IT Security – Think Before You Click

Stay on the lookout for phishing emails to help prevent security breaches at work and at home. Never click on a link in an email. Instead, always copy the link in your browser’s address bar or use a bookmark you’ve set earlier.
Phishing is a way of stealing usernames, passwords or other personal information. These emails may say something like, “Your account was compromised,” and tell you to change your password. Watch out for this, or anything else that looks suspicious. 
Safeguarding our data
Every month our IT Security team blocks 1.55 million emails from reaching Houston Methodist, and an additional 30,000 emails with bad attachments or bad links. This helps keep our patients safe and our IT systems secure.
Here’s how you can help
  • Use Houston Methodist email, because it has several layers of security.
  • Don’t open attachments from your Gmail, Yahoo mail or other non-Houston Methodist email when using your work computer.
  • Send suspicious email to

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