In the Know with Your CMIO

I’m in awe of the talented athletes preparing for the upcoming Summer Olympics. It will be exciting to watch teams from all over the world come together, showcasing their talents in various competitions, yet joined by one core message — unity. As I watch these athletes, I can’t help but think of each of you — the best of the best, coming together every day with a unified goal of improving the lives of our patients.

HM is leading the charge to enhance the patient experience and deliver personalized care. We continuously leverage technology, so our providers and care teams are connected, ensuring each patient’s full, longitudinal story is synchronized across each care setting.

If you consider the Olympic Games symbol, each of the five rings represents five different continents, bonded together, representing unity. This is much like our unique care components, each linked together to help unify our patients’ health care stories. SPG/PCG, EpicCare Link and Care Everywhere are all examples of those concentric rings, connected and enhancing interoperability.

I’m excited to announce that on June 14, we added another interoperability “ring” — successfully launching HM’s Community Connect program at seven HM-affiliated physician practices. Through Community Connect, our affiliates can purchase our best-in-class Epic EHR and practice management system to use in their practices, transforming their care delivery process and enhancing interoperability. Future launches are scheduled for August and October 2021.

With Community Connect, we’ll continue broadening our provider partnerships, linking together care teams and care venues from different areas, all with one unified goal — improving the lives of our patients.

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