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Clinical Voice Technologies


Burnout is a significant challenge for health care organizations, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we navigate down this uncharted course, maintaining a healthy clinical workforce is critical now more than ever, so we can continue providing patient-centered care. The loss of one hospital provider can tremendously impact our patients, create a strain on other clinicians and result in financial implications.

To help us stay ahead of these challenges, Houston Methodist continues to invest heavily in innovative voice technologies. These technologies enable ambient intelligence and automation – improving clinical workflow efficiencies while maintaining patient safety. Voice technologies convert time-consuming, labor-intensive and often inefficient tasks and functions into actionable items that produce better outcomes.

Over the next several weeks, you’ll see press releases highlighting our partnership with Amazon and other top-ranked organizations. To improve experiences for both our patients and our providers, we will continue learning from and yielding relationships to co-create and develop solutions in our Houston Methodist Technology Hub.

Our goal is to involve the entire health care ecosystem, beginning with the surgical theater venue. We’ve already started to explore voice commands to drive key task automation directly into Epic. Our primary focus is to help reduce burdensome administrative and regulatory requirements and alleviate nursing and physician burnout so you can stay focused on direct patient care.

Mask up. Stay safe. Be well.