In the Know with Your CMIO

Two weekends ago, we completed our Sept. 20 Epic Update with minimal issues, decreased downtime and lots of exciting new features. This update included enhancements to help you work more efficiently, like quick navigation directly from Patient Lists and “Hey Epic!” – voice-driven mobile commands to help you navigate to activities faster.

As we begin Q4, I want to remind you about the 21st Century Cures act, signed into law in 2016. This wide-ranging health care initiative funds medical research and development, medical device innovation, mental health research and care and opioid addiction treatment and prevention – but also impacts health IT.

 Title IV of the Cures Act serves as Congress’ stance on technology’s central role in health care. Overall, Title IV seeks to reduce regulatory and administrative burden related to the use of EHRs, increase IT systems interoperability and secure information exchange and empower patients with greater, improved access to their electronic health information.


In the coming months, you’ll hear more from me and others on our efforts to prepare and equip Houston Methodist for the changes ahead. Many of these efforts will be around patient-centered access, interoperability and connectivity strategies to empower physician resilience and improvements around clinical documentation and surgical workflows. I’m excited to continue partnering with you as we focus on these initiatives.

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