IllumiCare Smart Ribbon Upgrade

The IllumiCare Smart Ribbon was updated with the following enhancements to improve your workflows and efficiency.

Stewardship app, formerly my360 app

  • my360app was redesigned and is now called the Stewardship app and has a new icon.
  • Defaults to a collapsed view, giving you the option to expand for more details.
  • Focuses solely on identifying medication and lab cost stewardship opportunities.

To learn more, read this tip sheet.

New ImmTrac2 app

  • Easily access the ImmTrac2 Texas Immunization Registry using a simple four to six-digit PIN, directly from the Ribbon.
  • Automatically pulls immunization information for the patient you’re viewing.

Note: You must have your ImmTrac2 Texas Immunization Registry credentials to complete the initial set up. If you’re not registered, go to the ImmTrac2 registration page.

To learn more, read this tip sheet.

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