HM Hospitals Launch WELL Health


On Monday, Sept. 16, HM hospitals successfully launched the health care communication platform, WELL Health. This replaces Televox automated reminders and provides more personalized patient appointment reminders and a better patient experience.

With WELL Health, customized appointment reminders are sent to the patient via text allowing patients to:

  • Conveniently respond to the appointment reminder with Confirm, Reschedule, or Cancel.
  • Quickly access appointment location details, map and driving directions.

“With the new WELL Health system, our patients have appointment information at their fingertips and can communicate with us more easily,” said Melissa Vasquez, central scheduling manager at HMSL. “By having appointment information available in a text for our patients to refer back to, we can reduce late arrivals, patient delays and improve satisfaction for both patients and employees.”

“I also love being able to see what texts are going out to our patients in real time. It’s so easy to use and provides complete transparency,” said Vasquez.

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