Goals & Guiding Principles

Project Goals


Our commitment is to support our pillars of excellence, strengthen our competitive advantage and offer the premier product in the marketplace.


Our system will enhance our ability to provide high quality evidence-based care in a safe environment and be able to quantify our care and deliver metrics in a meaningful way.

Houston Methodist Experience

Our system will highlight the Houston Methodist Experience by connecting our clinicians, physicians, employees, patients and families.


Our system will be intuitive and promote efficient workflows that allow effective adoption of the system.


Our system will allow comprehensive data analysis to support research, incorporate research-derived attributes to the patient's record and drive clinical effectiveness.


Our system will deliver the identified benefits which will be tracked over time.

Guiding Principles

Patient Focus:  When making decisions, we must all "be" the patient.

  • While many perspectives go into the design and build, the perspective that may not be represented at the table is that of the patient
  • We must make decisions not just in the best interest of the patient, but as if we ARE the patient.

We will integrate the vendor workflows to drive the most effective design and implementation to optimize Houston Methodist best practices.

We will continually challenge current practices which may require changes in Houston Methodist processes in order to streamline and simplify.

We will make system-wide design decisions that are evidence-based, led by users to hardwire leading practices and drive consistent outcomes supported by Information Technology.

We will make enterprise-wide decisions rather than individual, unit or department-specific in order to drive consistent outcomes.

Strong preference will be given to the integrated solution when making technology selections.

  • Alternative vendor solutions must be justified and approved through a formal process.
  • Whenever possible, departmental and niche systems will be replaced by our integrated solution to preserve the integrity of the longitudinal patient record.

Use of the system will be mandated for all providers. All users will be trained and demonstrate competency before receiving access.

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