Additional Epic Access Extended to Expanded Floater Staff

For Hospital-Based RNs and PCAs

Additional Epic access for float staff has been extended to more units in preparation for COVID-19 activities. The following staff roles can now access ED and inpatient Med/Surg and ICU tools within Epic:

• Anesthesiologists (IP only)

• Midlevels, including PAs, NPs and CRNAs

• Oncology nurses

• PCAs (access for ED if not already in IP)

• UAAs

Last week, the following roles received expanded Epic access:

• Cardiology nurses

• Inpatient nurses, including Med/Surg and ICU nurses

• OB, L&D, Nursery, Postpartum nurses

• OR and Periop nurses

• Radiology nurses

Note: clinical leaders are responsible for ensuring clinicians complete the appropriate fast track training. See below.

If your staff needs Epic access for other roles while floating in support of COVID-19, please complete the Epic Access Production Request Form and email it to This form must be completed by management, for special circumstances not covered by the above.

Fast Track Training for Float Staff

Managers are responsible for ensuring clinicians complete the necessary training prior to working in a different department. The following training is available in LMS. Floater Fast Track Epic training does not have to be assigned and is searchable by the course number in LMS.

For Float RNs:

For Float PCAs/UAAs:


For Float Anesthesiologists:


Floating in Epic: Changing Your Badge Tap/SSO Connectivity

When working in a different role, you’ll need to reset your Epic access for badge tap or SSO workstation connectivity. To reset your access:

1. Log in to Epic from a non-SSO workstation.

2. From the Epic login page, click the magnifying glass.

3. Select the role you will support.

4. Choose the department you’re going to work in.

You can now continue to work from any SSO workstation in the department. Remember to completely log off at the end of your shift.

Epic retains connectivity for the last department you signed into. If you change departments, including returning to your home department, you’ll need to follow the steps above to reset your access again.

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