FHIR Patient Education Updates

Launching Monday, April 15, with PCG/SPG Clinics

In March, FHIR Education (also known as Krames) launched for inpatient clinicians. On Monday, April 15, Houston Methodist SPG and PCG clinics will add FHIR Education.

The FHIR Education tool integrates with Epic and is accessible through MyChart and with the AVS. It includes:

  • Library with over 8,000 editable, customizable and searchable items, including videos.
  • Materials in Spanish and up to 20 additional languages.
  • You can print Video Health Sheets with a QR code and URL for your patients during their hospital stay. Patients can watch the videos on their personal devices anytime by scanning the QR code or visiting the URL. After discharge, patients can access AVS and FHIR Education in MyChart. Inpatient clinicians: viewing videos in Epic and on WOWs is disabled.
Update for Ambulatory Clinicians

  • On Monday, April 15, Patient Education tool will remain available. You’ll be able to access both tools under the Wrap-Up activity tab.
  • For more information, review the FHIR Education for Ambulatory Clinicians tip sheet.

Important Dates for Inpatient Clinicians

  • Videos: On Wednesday, April 10: the complete FHIR Education video library will be available for sharing with patients. To choose videos for your patients, review the video transcripts (instead of watching the videos).
  • Monday, April 15: Clinical References activity for patient education will be removed from Epic (except in the ED). Start using the new FHIR Education tool now.
  • Training is available in LMS (course #1575123) and tip sheets in the Epic Learning Home.

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