Every Minute, Scammers Target 21 Social Media Users Stay Safe on Social Media

Nearly half of people online (46 percent) have fallen prey to at least one type of social media fraud, according to a recent survey by UK-based online safety organization Get Safe Online.

Social media sharing – and oversharing – provides cybercriminals with important personal details to commit identity theft, fraud, invade your privacy and more. If you don’t put security controls in place, cybercriminals can gather critical details to scam you. All scammers need are a few key details to steal your identity or leverage your identity to scam someone else.

Here’s how to minimize your risk.

  • Review social media security – wherever possible, restrict your posts to just friends.
  • Consider the platform before posting – Twitter, Instagram and similar platforms generally function as a public form of communication, so think about what you’re writing.
  • When sites want permission to access your profile, just say no – sites asking to access your profile for any reason are bad news. They may just be wanting access to your email address and friends list.

Turn off location on your mobile devices – this includes things on your and your kids’ phones like apps, camera and anything else that pinpoints your location.

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