FAQs: Estimate Your Cost of Care for HM Procedures and Treatments

How do I access the Estimate Your Cost of Care tool?

  • From the HM intranet home page, see Frequently Access Pages (center column).

    • Click the arrow to see the drop-down menu.

    • Click Estimate Your Cost of Care.

  • Which browser should I use?

    • Google Chrome is the best browser to use.

    • If you use Internet Explorer or another browser, you might see Unable to Calculate Your Estimate when you’ve entered all your information.

  • Is it available off-network?

    • Not at this time.

    • Following the three-month pilot with Houston Methodist employees, the tool will become available for patients.

  • Who can I call if I have questions?

    • Contact a representative at 713.394.6805.

Which hospitals and services are available?

  • You may create estimates at any hospital, except Houston Methodist Continuing Care Center.

  • What services, procedures and treatments are available?

    • Choose from the most frequently performed services, procedures and treatments at each hospital.

  • How many estimates can I create?

    • You may create several estimates for different services and/or different hospitals.

 How do I get started? (scroll down for more details)

  • Accept the terms of use/disclaimer.

    • For questions about the disclaimer, call 713.394.6805.

  • Select a hospital.

  • Indicate if you have insurance.

  • Select a service, procedure or treatment.

  • Enter your insurance and other requested information, and click View Your Estimate.

  • Review the results and print or save a screenshot for your copy.

  • Provide comments/feedback.

Can I get estimates from more than one hospital?

  • Yes. You can create separate estimates for each hospital.

    • Be sure to save a screenshot of each estimate, because they aren’t saved in the system.

  • Does the estimate include physician or provider charges?

    • No. The estimate only includes hospital or facility charges.

  • What if I select the wrong hospital by mistake?

    • Change it in the drop-down menu, before you get to the Estimate.

    • If you’re on the Estimate page, click Create Another Estimate to change the hospital.

How do I select a service, procedure or treatment?

  • In the Select health care services section, enter the service and select from the results that display. You also may click a category, then select the particular service.

  • Inpatient services or surgery – select only one.

    • You can select only one service.

    • Review the options and select the one you want.

  • All other services – multiple allowed.

    • You can select multiple services.

    • These typically begin with words like LAB, X-RAY, MRI, ULTRASOUND and others.

  • What if my service isn’t listed?

    • This means it isn’t available on this tool right now.

    • For additional services, contact a representative at 713.394.6805.

  • What does it mean if I see Bundle after a service?

    • Your estimate includes all facility services provided for that inpatient or surgical visit. It excludes an estimate for your physician and other professional providers. Contact your provider directly for this information.

  • What if I select the wrong service by mistake?

    • Click Delete next to the service you selected.

  • What do I do if my estimate times out?

    • Try creating it again.

What information do I need to enter?

  • If you have insurance, select how many policies cover you.

    • Website automatically enters UMR as the insurance company.

  • What if my insurance company isn’t listed?

    • UMR, the Houston Methodist employee insurance company, is the only company available for estimates at this time.

  • What if I’m also covered under my spouse’s insurance? There are two choices.

    • My spouse is a Houston Methodist employee and has the UMR Houston Methodist insurance.

      • For How many health insurance policies cover you? select Two or more.

      • Check the tabs for each.

    • My spouse isn’t a Houston Methodist employee.

      • For How many health insurance policies cover you? select One.

  • What information do I need for the estimate?

    • Member ID (on your UMR ID card).

    • First and last name listed on your UMR ID card.

    • Date of birth.

    • Gender, when indicated.

    • Phone number. No one will contact you unless you first contact a representative to ask for information.

  • Who can see my personal information?

    • HM financial counselors and admissions representatives can access this information through a separate, secure site. But they won’t access this information unless you contact them first (if you have questions about your estimate).

    • No one else can access any information you include on the website.

How do I complete the process?

  • Review the results and print or save a screenshot for your copy.

    • Your estimate won’t be available after you exit the website, or create a new estimate.

    • To print a copy, on the Estimate page, right-click and select Print.

    • If you forget to save a screenshot, you can create the estimate again.

  • If you receive the message “We are unable to calculate your estimate at this time,” click Create Another Estimate and try again.

  • What if I have questions about my estimate?

    • Contact a representative at (713) 394-6805.


  • Please take a minute to answer our survey questions and leave feedback.

  • Your answers will help make this site better.

Can I create another estimate?

  • Yes, and it’s easy.

  • Click Create another estimate (bottom of the estimate screen).

  • Your insurance and personal information remain, until you exit the site, so you don’t need to re-enter it.

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