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Communicate the Change

Be sure to tell our Epic story over and over again.

Epic’s integrated electronic health record helps us:

  • Access robust information to complete the patient story and provide better care
  • Improve our communications
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Achieve better health outcomes
  • Empower our patients with online tools to engage in care

Epic is an important part of our commitment to patient safety and Leading Medicine.

Explain the risks if Houston Methodist Doesn’t Embark on the Epic Journey. In addition to knowing why we are moving to Epic, employees need to know the risks of not changing.

For Houston Methodist, the risks of not changing centers around system integration and our commitment to Leading Medicine. Without an integrated electronic health record, our data remains fragmented and disconnected in various systems, and we risk the following:

  • Challenges when piecing together a patient’s complete history of care, which can negatively impact the patient experience.
  • Inefficiencies as clinicians review and document and as staff work with patient registration, scheduling and billing
  • Inability to leverage data to its full capacity for research
  • Possible implications during DNV surveys if unable to access complete data sets efficiently.


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