Electronic Case Requests and Preop Order Entry

For All Surgeons

Electronic Surgical Case Requests and Preop Order Entry Updated

Electronic surgical case requests and preop order entry processes are now updated to save you time and improve efficiency. New systemwide enhancements include:

  • Preop order sets for commonly performed procedures.
  • Patients now have easy-to-understand procedural descriptions in their MyChart accounts.
  • New Requested Time field.
  • Consent orders filled in automatically with the preop diagnosis.
  • Quickly modify/discontinue signed/held orders.
  • Easily view orders requiring a second signature.

Electronic entry is not mandatory but helps prevent surgery delays, rescheduling and reduces time-consuming manual processes, like phone calls and faxes. Note: An electronic case request does not replace a phone call to the OR to arrange add-ons, urgent or day-of-surgery requests.

To learn more, review the following tip sheets:

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